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At Crosslink South Powder Coating, we offer top-notch industrial powder coating solutions that are favored by service providers, contractors, and commercial experts. With its extensive range of applications and vibrant color options, powder coating is the ideal choice for businesses across various industries. Not only does it provide a durable and long-lasting coating that outperforms traditional paint, but it is also designed to withstand harsh conditions. By opting for powder coating, you can reduce maintenance costs and keep your equipment looking newer for a longer period of time. 

Powder Coating Solutions

Protective Powder Coating Finishes

Safety Powder Coating Finishes

Powder coating acts as a powerful tool that extends the lifespan of your equipment and devices. Our professional application and curing process in our purpose-built facility ensures that your items are protected from everyday wear and tear, as well as extreme temperatures, severe weather conditions, and high-traffic areas.  

Your Choice of Colors and Textures

Customize With a Wide Range of Colors and Textures

Did you know that our powder coating services offer a variety of textures and colors? We utilize high-quality pigments to create visually appealing shades that perfectly match your unique application. Additionally, we can even replicate your brand colors, giving your project a more professional look. Enhance the overall appearance and feel of your products by adding texture. 

High-Temperature Coatings

Heat Coatings

For projects requiring exceptional durability, we provide high-temperature ceramic coatings. This results in a glossy, sleek glass-like finish that is perfect for exterior use or high-stress environments. 

Free Consultations & Price Quotes

If you’re unsure whether powder coating is suitable for your application, our team of experts is here to help. We offer free consultations to discuss your requirements and provide accurate expectations for your project. Get in touch with us today and receive a complimentary quote. 

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FAQ About Powder Coating in Cedar Hill

Frequently Asked Question About Powder Coating near Garland 

What is powder coating? 

Powder coating is an industrial-strength application that is applied to a variety of surfaces and materials. Unlike traditional paint, this coating consists of finely pigmented powders that are baked on to create a durable and solid surface. 

What types of products can be powder coated? 

Custom powder coating can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and objects, including sports equipment, fencing, poles, stairway railings, playground equipment, tractors, and appliances. It is compatible with various materials such as metal, plastic, glass, and wood. 

What does the powder coating process entail? 

The powder coating process involves professional blending and application of the coating, followed by curing in a 1000-degree oven to ensure a smooth and flawless finish. When applied correctly, powder coating can last for decades." 

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