Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Sandblasting and Powder Coating are interesting processes, please find answers to frequently asked questions below!

How is powder coating applied?2021-12-10T18:58:17+00:00

The application process involves applying a charge to the dry powder particles and spraying them onto a grounded substrate. The substrate, or part, is typically grounded through the conveyor or hanger holding the part. The powder once attracted to the part, is then held on the surface until it is melted and cured into a smooth coating film in the bake oven. The spray process takes place inside a booth designed to contain the overspray powder and makes it possible to collect and reclaim it.

The powder is fed pneumatically out of the powder container, or hopper, into the powder applicator, or gun. As the powder exits the gun, a low amperage high voltage charge is applied to the powder particles, causing them to be attracted to the grounded workpiece. This attraction may even cause the powder to “wrap” around the piece coating the backside. The over-sprayed powder is suspended in the air contained inside the powder booth.

What are the advantages of powder coating?2021-12-10T18:58:58+00:00

Powder coatings are extremely tough and durable.  The coating melts into one continuous sheet over the part, offering a very protective barrier along with a beautiful finish.

How much does powder coating cost?2021-12-10T18:59:39+00:00

Generally, the cost of powder coating is actually less than traditional methods of paint application.

What colors and finishes are available?2021-12-10T19:00:37+00:00

Literally, every color of the rainbow and then some! All gloss ranges are available and textures abound. Think of the possibilities with patterns like wrinkles, textures, veined patterns, gators, metallics, weathered appearances, and even oxidized metals. A clear coat is also available.

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