When Powder Coating…

Having top of the line, maintained powder guns and curing ovens are essential when staying at the top of the powder coating market producing a high quality product.

However, powder guns, ovens and application experience means nothing without proper surface preparation. Proper surface preparation is the key to a quality powder coated product. Crosslink works to insure this part of the process by selecting one, or a combination of the following surface preparation methods.


Our burn off ovens plays an important complimentary role when preparing the surface of some of our product for coating. Some of our customers’ products come to us full of grease, old paint or powder coated. These products will be baked first in the burn off oven until the coating is turned to a dust. Then sandblasted for a final preparation before powder coating.


Crosslink has a large wash bay capable of removing oil and grease from cold rolled metal with a pressurized hot water phosphate solution. The washing process cleans the metal and leaves a phosphate coating behind on the surface of the metal which enhances the coating’s ability to adhere to the surface of the metal.


Crosslink has a 1000 square foot sandblast room. The removal of rust and scale from the metal surface leaves a clean lightly etched surface behind enhancing the coatings ability to adhere to the surface of the metal. Using this method insures the quality of our process and the customers’ product.


Outstanding craftsmanship and professionalism, a friendly and helpful staff, and competitive pricing make Crosslink South Powder Coating the only choice for all of your powder coating needs.

To receive a free consultation or estimates on any job, call us today at 972-299-9911.

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